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Dìrge of the Horsemen

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Welcome to Dirge of the Horsemen

About Us

I would like to remind you guys that we are a newly formed guild. I thank you guys so much for being patient with us.

We are a guild built on a strong foundation of respect. And we expect that of our members. There is a very strong story behind this guild and it will be posted here for everyone to read eventually.

Guild Rules

-Be respectful of other guild members.

-We have younger members in this guild. Keep guild chat pg-13.

- Do NOT argue in guild chat. If there is an issue take it to private chat or contact a GM.

- Do not beg for gold or help in guild chat.

- Our members are kind and helpful. But don't forget that they play this game for THEIR enjoyment too. Not just to babysit you.

- Your fellow guildies are put first before outsiders.

Raiding Rules

- All Raid Group Members MUST sign up for Guild Raiding Events in order to participate.  Core group members should sign up for events as normal and Substitute Members please sign up as "Tentative". If you are not able to be available please sign up as "Out"

- Real Life ALWAYS comes before WoW. You will not lose your spot for missing a raid as long as someone knows. On that note...

- If you will not be able to attend Guild Raiding Events please let Kattnis know as soon as possible so we can notify a Substitute so that they can be ready.

 - If you are a Core group member and find that you won't be able to participate for a period of time, please let Kattnis know so a substitute can be found for the time you'll be unavailable.  If you don't let her know, and repeatedly just don't show up your spot may be filled with a Substitute without your knowledge until you contact Kattnis and let her know you're available again.

- Unless there are extenuating circumstances, if you are a Core group member and routinely miss raids without letting Kattnis know (see above), your spot on the Core team may be given to someone else

- If you have a hard time with failure and "wiping" then Guild Raiding is not for you.

- Never be hostile or rude to your guildies and raid team members. Your guild is like your WoW family. If we fail and you get upset, turn on some happy music, gripe at the boss or just don't say anything at all.

- If you are unpleasant and/or rude during a raid, you will get 2 warnings and the 3rd time you will be kicked from the raid. If it happens in more than one raid you may loose your spot in the group.

- If you receive flasks for a raid, you are not permitted to sell those in trade chat or the auction house. If you are caught doing so, you will lose your place in the group.  Multiple offenses of this nature could also subject you to being removed from the guild.

- All Guild Raiding Events loot option will be Master Looter.

- The priority of rolling on an item while in a Guild Raiding Event will be : Main Spec.; Off Spec.; Recipes will be rolled based on the toon that you are on at that time.  You must link your profession before receiving the item, learn the item once you receive it, then re-link your profession to show that you learned it. All other items/recipes will be able to be rolled on by full party.  Items won during a raid may NOT be sold on the auction house or in trade chat.  If you decide you don't want an item you won, put it in the guild bank so another guild member can benefit from it.   If you are caught selling raid items, you will lose your place in the group.  Multiple offenses of this nature could also subject you to being removed from the Guild.

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